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Come and get my Madeleines at Russo's in Watertown

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Consumers Comments

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Your madeleines are absolutely delicious! What I like best about them is the fact that they are made from wholesome, fresh and natural ingredients. So many bakers these days add artificial ingredients to extend  their products shelf life, save on costs or to enhance the taste or texture of their desert. I just want to say thanks, for making a "real" dessert.

Diana Z





... Just wanted to let you know that every batch of Madeleines you make consistently tastes great.  ... they all have the same wonderful texture, color, and flavor.  It seems you have perfected the art of Madeleine making. 

... We tend to be greedy with them but we do share them with our friends from time to time too. ... Tam brings them to work with her.  The girls snap them up with their tea and coffee.  The last batch you sent home for us did not make 5 minutes at Tammy’s office.  Also, my mom takes them to Stonehill College too.  The girls she works with LOVE them and can't get enough.

Thanks so much for the treats! 






Those madeleines made my day!